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The Shrinkage Epidemic

External and internal theft are huge problems for every retailer, small and large. Many of those losses could be prevented by using a properly designed "smart" surveillance system resulting in a great amount of money and time saved.

Even a small store may be heavily affected by professional retail criminals, dishonest employees, and simple shoplifters. Our partners (all Loss Prevention Qualified) are able to integrate the latest video surveillance technology with other loss prevention strategies in order to engineer the best solution for the client's needs. 

Not only security...

One system, multiple applications. This is the secret to success.

Every store is driven by the "budget" so multiple departments (Loss Prevention, Safety, Marketing, Sales) can use one system, with different user restrictions for all their needs.

One simple example, a Fisheye camera (360' view):

  • can monitor customer safety (and store liability)
  • can record retail crimes as well as employee theft
  • can produce valuable information like Heat Mapping which shows what area of the store is most visited and what direction the customers go in when they enter the door.

Business Intelligence

System features allow you to: 
  • Count the people in the store and deploy your personnel in the most effective way.
  • Position your products where they are most likely to be seen and sold.
  • Understand the effectiveness of your advertisement.

Easy Management for Multiple Sites

All video surveillance products we offer are on the cutting edge of the latest loss prevention technology with a unique quality standard. Free video management software is available for PC , Mobile devices and, of course, common web browser access. This software is designed to centrally control multiple devices, or simply manage the local system.

All software/apps are ideal to remotely monitor the surveillance systems, providing professional services to the customers.

Access Control

The need for perimeter security – both indoor and outdoor – grows every day.

But with years of experience guiding every decision, you know what needs to be done.

Whether they are coming in or going out, you establish complete control with Hikvision’s Access Control system. We provide features like

tamper-proof credential systems, MIFARE and contactless card readers, and multiple-input access modes for secure identity confirmation.

Various communication interfaces and protocols are available as well, including TCP/IP network interface and Wi-Fi standalone terminals, and

customers’ accounts always remain safe via RSA and AES encryptions.

Hikvision is a name you can trust