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Facts and Statistics

  • - Over 65% of crimes are solved thanks to video surveillance
  • - Video surveillance is a deterrent tool for criminals who look for unprotected targets
  • - A video surveillance system can alert the owner with an email and can be remotely monitored from a smartphone
  • - Insurance is a reactive measure, while video surveillance is a PROACTIVE measure (Having a video surveillance system on your property should also lower your insurance premium.)
  • - Drug related crimes are booming and a video surveillance system will help you protect your family and property.
  • - Video surveillance systems are affordable and user friendly and can be used for: Safety, Security, Loss Prevention (face recognition), Business Intelligence (people counting, store heat mapping) city video surveillance (license plate recognition).

Company Structure

Unlike some companies that have a large number of employees (which can increase the overall costs to the client), Optic Security Solutions is able to deliver a highly personalized service while keeping the costs very competitive.

Bigger does NOT mean BETTER and indeed it is often the contrary. 


  1. Free estimate and site survey
  2. Lowest price
  3. Highest quality
  4. Fully licensed and insured contractors
  5. Free training after install
  6. Best tech support
  7. Local company


We design and engineer projects of all sizes, from small scale residential to commercial, all the way up to the most complex needs.

  • Home Protection
  • Store Business Intelligence
  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Town Video Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Critical Infrastructure


We selected the products of the best company in the security sector to sell: HIKVISION.

  • Ranked among the Top 10 Most Powerful Tech Brands in the world (by BSI - Brand Strength Index)
  • Named on the Forbes World's Most Innovative Companies list
  • Hikvision also partnered with Rapid7, the renowned U.S.-based security data and analytics company, to perform ongoing penetration tests and cyber security vulnerability assessments.

Due to their competitive prices without compromising quality, we are proud to be an exclusive vendor of Hikvision.