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Protect those you love and your property.

In today's world security is not an option but a top priority. Over 2 million homes are broken into every year and, in fact, nearly 66% of all total burglaries are residential. Every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed. Those numbers alone justify the dire need for a home surveillance system.

Solutions that work

Advancements in technology have made security easy to use, affordable, and effective. Our solutions offer the following features:

  • PC, phone and tablet apps to remote into the system for live view and playback*
  • Email alerts with pictures attached*
  • Clear pictures in absolute darkness
  • Audio recording (if compliant with local laws)
  • Video intelligence analytics such as: line crossing, intrusion zone, object left behind, object removed, face detection, etc.
* internet connection required

Video Intercom

There is something special about seeing the person you are speaking to and our intercom systems allow you to do it from your house or remotely using the phone app:

  • Complete network design, integrated with Hikvision's mature video/audio processing technology
  • Simple cable layout: adopts Cat5 cable, PoE network switch to provide power supply to devices
  • Dual network design: support TCP/IP wired network and WiFi wireless network connection
  • Indoor monitor can connect front-end devices through SUB 1G wireless connection
  • Simple, elegant user interface (UI)
  • Integration design of video intercom and video surveillance
  • Provides extended functionality, support for smart home systems integration;
  • Support VoIP function, no conflict between phone function and video intercom
  • Support Hikvision cloud service
* internet connection required